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Kevin FitzMaurice

Kevin FitzMaurice, President

  I received an Associates Degree in Computer Programming in 1976, and stayed interested in the computing field.  I retired in 2013, after 43 years in the automobile business, 30 of them spent in management. I served as my own Information Technology department when I was in the automobile business.  I created websites, installed email systems, and software, purchased equipment, and negotiated the contracts.  I have seen how the information business works from both sides of the checkbook.

After relocating to South Carolina, I volunteered to serve on a local business committee.  While on the committee, I found that many of the businessmen involved were unaware of the impact of their on-line presence, and the costs involved.  In some cases, the expenses were completely out of line with the service provided.  I run Webwrite LLC with one idea in mind: your success means my success.  If you need help with your small business website, or in gaining control of your on-line presence, why not put my experience to work for you?